High Egg Prices Create Opportunities For Vegan Eggs


The egg industry has been hit hard by the avian influenza season, leading to significantly higher egg prices and impacting farmers, food businesses, and consumers globally. However, some companies producing egg alternatives have seen increased demand as a result.

Zero Egg, a restaurant supplier producing plant-based egg patties and liquid made from soy, chickpea, and potato proteins, has reported receiving more requests since January 2023. Additionally, Eat Just, a company that produces egg alternatives such as JUST Egg liquid and foldable items, has seen a slight upturn in retail sales, with a reported 3% increase.

While some may view this situation as an opportunity for egg alternative companies, it is important to note that the industry’s challenges stem from a widespread avian influenza outbreak, and it remains to be seen whether this will have long-term impacts on the egg market or create a lasting shift towards alternative products.

Eat Just, a food technology company, has been expanding its mung bean-based product line, with the pourable JUST Egg being one of their most successful products. In January, the company saw a significant increase in new customers buying their product, with an 11% increase in new households purchasing the product. This was due to empty egg shelves and high egg prices, which prompted shoppers to switch to JUST Egg. To meet the increased demand, Eat Just has been adding manufacturing capacity and plans to expand its product offerings further in the next year. The company is considering introducing additional frozen handheld and single-serve meal options. With the success of its mung bean-based products, Eat Just is likely to continue innovating and expanding its product line to meet the evolving needs of its customers.