Salesforce COO Warns There May Be Even More Job Cuts Coming To Change And Reshape The Company


According to a statement by Brian Millham, a “change and reshape” of the company may be necessary to improve efficiency. Bain & Co has been engaged to review operations, but no final recommendations have been made. In January, Salesforce announced plans to cut 8,000 employees, primarily in sales and marketing. Recently, the company reduced annual employee bonuses by 30%, which drew criticism from some employees given the company’s strong financial performance. Millham stated that he is also seeking further efficiencies in the sales and go-to-market divisions, and that more workers are returning to the office as the company encourages staff to do so.

Salesforce’s Chief Operating Officer, Brian Millham, has suggested that the company may need to implement further job cuts as part of its efforts to improve profitability. In an interview, Millham stated that the company would consider restructuring its organization if necessary to drive efficiencies, and that Bain & Co., which has been engaged to review the business, has yet to provide final recommendations. Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Slack for almost $28 billion in December 2020 was its largest to date. The company has not yet responded to requests for comment. Millham also acknowledged that the company may have drifted from its performance-oriented culture during the pandemic while ensuring the health of its employees.