Cars24 Services Reported a Net Loss of Rs 248.07 Crore for FY22


E-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles, Cars24 raised nearly a billion valuation and attained a $3.3 billion valuation during FY22. At the same time, the company also witnessed a further than two fold jump in its scale after a dip in FY21 due to the epidemic.

But its losses soared over eight times, outpacing the scale. Innovated by Vikram Chopra and Mehul Agarwal in 2015, Cars24’s holding establishment in Singapore has 112 accessories in multiple topographies like India, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia and Thailand. Cars24’s holding establishment in Singapore holds 12 accessories across India, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, and Thailand. The operating  profit (gross) of these realities surged 117.2% to Rs 6072 crore during FY22 from Rs,796 crore FY21, as per the periodic fiscal statements filed by Cars24 in Singapore. To recall, the  establishment’s scale saw a12.6 fall in FY21 when compared to FY20. According to the company, thee-commerce platform’s  transnational business accounts for roughly 20 percent of its total earnings. In 2021, the company will enter transnational requests  similar to Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand. The company also  blazoned plans to expand its presence in 6- 7 countries by 2022. It also planned to expand in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

  The net loss peaked due to a 160 per cent increase in its aggregate charges. Cars24 hired a good number of people in FY22, hence its hand benefits surged to Rs 700 crore in FY22, from Rs 236 crore in FY21. The net charges also included a Rs 75 crore ESOP plan. Its advertising and promotional cost surged to Rs 413 crore in FY22 from Rs 84 crore in FY21.