To Improve the Milk Quality, E Feed Uses the Nutrient Supplements


Dairy products in India are below average in terms of quality and yield per cow due to a lack of specialized feeding methodologies and high- quality feed products. Being agritech companies concentrate on  perfecting relation, force chain, fruits, and vegetables, setting aside the beast husbandry member especially in the area of input products. Kumar Ranjan, Ravi Chauhan, and Ankit Patel setup eFeed in 2021 to attack these issues. Focusing on the beast health and nutrition sector, the company creates high quality feed supplements & complements for perfecting the quality of dairy and milk products.

By empowering growers with localized and customized feed advisory supplemented by our premixes, eFeed is perfecting cattle health, milk affair, and planter inflows while lowering reliance on precious emulsion feed and drugs,” said Kumar Ranjan,co-founder and principal superintendent at eFeed.   eFeed was innovated by Ranjan, Ravi Chauhan and Ankit Patel in 2021. It claims to disrupt the beast nutrition and health assiduity in India which is valued at about $14 billion. Still, said Ranjan, If the input is good also the  posterior result will be seen in the affair. Following the D2C model,  phrasings are made and the products are  vended directly to  growers through on ground and fulfillment mates. Also, a digital nutrition app is offered aiding in the education of growers about the nutrition of cattle. The app helps in portion balancing for cattle by localizing feed raw accoutrements . It also focuses on the quality feed inputs by creating high quality complements (protinex for cattle) to be added to the raw accoutrements .

The digital advisory and quality inputs  ensure better quality milk product and advanced yield from the  creatures. India’s best healthcare request size reached Rs 73.4 billion as of 2022. This is anticipated to increase to Rs 120.3 billion by 2028 with a  composite periodic growth rate of 8.94. Within a request of this size, eFeed has managed to raise a seed round raising $1million in December 2022. The round was led by Feral followed by Better Capital, Huddle, AngelList, and Let’s Venture.