Around the Broadcasting Platforms and OTT, TRAI Seeks Overhaul of the Norms 


Telecom and broadcast controller Trai on Monday issued a discussion paper for a complete overhaul of the legal framework around entertainment apps like Netflix, MX Player, Hotstar and Prime videos. Through its  discussion paper on ”Regulating gathered Digital Technologies and Services- Enabling Confluence of Carriage of Broadcasting and Telecommunication services”, the controller has invited commentary from interested  realities around reducing complications as well as addressing gaps in the being rules to manage confluence of technologies across IT, telecom, broadcast and space sector.  ”Digital connectivity, which is used to give telecom and internet services, has also acquired capabilities to give services which were handed by the broadcasting services,” Trai said in a discussion paper released Monday evening.

The paper was named’ Regulating gathered Digital Technologies and Services – Enabling Confluence of Carriage of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Services’. Trai also refocused that  occasionally, technological confluence can affect a new technology which has no nonsupervisory  frame to govern it, since it didn’t live while formulating the  frame that governs the technologies it originates from.   The controller said India needs to prepare itself to redraw boundaries of executive and non supervisory functions so as to take maximum advantage of the confluence. 

Under the unified licence governance introduced in August 2013, there’s an invariant licence figure on AGR across all telecom licences. Presently, an aspirant can apply for a unified licence (all services) along with authorisation for immolations, including access service (service area wise), internet service (orders A, B and C),  public long- distance services,  transnational long- distance service, global mobile  particular communication by satellite service, among others. Answering another question, the minister said new entrants in the sector are applying for licences to  give telecommunications services on a regular basis.