About Palak Midha, How She Built a Rs 60 Crore Turnover Health Supplements Brand in Three Years


Palak Midha, an electronics and telecommunications engineering graduate from Jalandhar, moved to Germany in 2010 at age 26 after her marriage, since her husband had a job there.

Today, she runs a successful weight loss and health supplements brand called ‘Palak Notes’, where 170 employees are working for her company in Jalandhar and Gurugram.

Palak launched Palak Stark Pvt. Ltd in November 2019 with an investment of Rs 5 lakh along with her Jalandhar-based younger brother, Pranav Midha, who is managing the operations in India.

The D2C brand which sells through its website and online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart touched a turnover of Rs 60 crore during FY 2021-22.

Palak first applied her newly acquired knowledge in the family.

Her father was suffering from spondylitis and her mother had an auto-immune thyroid disorder. She advised her parents on their food habits and lifestyle and gave them her homemade supplements which worked wonders.

Her father’s health improved so much that he started a business at the age of 58. “My mom’s thyroid and fatty liver reversed,” says Palak, who also helped her younger brother Pranav, who had been battling obesity from his childhood, lose 40 pounds and get into shape.

“She was in Germany, but she had already done the R&D. We launched our line of supplements, which were manufactured in Pondicherry with the help of a doctor at his lab,” says Pranav, who was in the USA doing his MBA in international business at HOLD University, San Francisco, when they launched Palak Notes in November 2019.

Married to Parikshit

Palak went to Pune to pursue her MBA from Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management (2007-09). She got married to Parikshit in 2010 and shifted to Germany with him the same year.

About Channels

She has two YouTube Channels – ‘Palak Notes’ with half a million followers and ‘Fit with Palak’ with about 30k followers. On Facebook, she has more than a million followers.

Talking about her younger brother Pranav, she says, “My baby brother, when he was just three months old, I took him to my room and never gave him back to my parents. I have almost been like a Mom to him, and have always made decisions for him.” Now, he is a pillar of support to her in the business.