Ola Calls Wheel Breakoff an Isolated Incident Caused by High Impact


Electric vehicle manufacturer Ola Electric said a recent accident involving one of its scooters – where its front wheel poor off – was an isolated incident caused due to high impression.

“We have extra than 150,000 vehicles running on the road and we have experimental this is an extremely isolated case of high impression accident involving the front fork arm,” the company said in a declaration on Wednesday.

Last week, one Ola Electric customer, Samkit Parmar obligated tweeted about his wife suffering an accident as of the scooter’s front wheel breaking out of the suspension. He called the scooter an “untested touching coffin”.

Parmar consumes since deleting the tweet.

Ola in its statement thought its scooter has been “rigorously tested over 5 million kilometers across challenging topographies and all weather conditions”.

This is the latest incident involving an Ola Electric scooter, which has been facing quality control issues, including a fire in March 2022.

Ola has had to issue reports in the past for several accidents, including the front fork arm.

Back then as healthy, the company had said it was an isolated incident. In April, a customer named Balwant Singh complained that his son got into a chance because of the faulty braking system of the vehicle.

At that time, Ola starved of any malfunction of its e-scooter and even published the customer’s telematics data to show its point.