The Swiggy-Owned Subscription-Based Delivery Service Rebranding Itself To ‘InsanelyGood’


Swiggy has rebranded its morning grocery delivery service SuprDaily to InsanelyGood, continuing the service in airman mode in Bengaluru. InsanelyGood will offer  further than 3,000 locally sourced and organic food  particulars, including fruits and vegetables, grains, snacks, potables, baby food, and kitchen rudiments, according to a company  superintendent in the know. The rebranded service will offer coming-day delivery for a  figure and do down with SuprDaily’s subscription model.

With this, Supr Daily shifts down from a subscription service to a coming-day grocery delivery service. As per a communication to guests, the rebranded app went into effect on February 18. There are also functional changes in terms of leg canons the app services, where certain areas are presently not serviceable. In response to reviews on the Google Play Store, Supr Daily said that as part of its change to InsanelyGood, it was exiting the milk grocery business and was looking to deliver a new “grocery experience”. Customer subscriptions and Supr Access class plans have been discontinued, and deliveries are charged. SuprDaily was acquired by Swiggy in 2018, having been innovated in 2015 by Puneet Kumar and Shreyas Nagdawane, who moved on from both SuprDaily and Swiggy in 2021, following the appointment of Phani Kishan Addepalli as SuprDaily CEO.  

SuprDaily, now InsanelyGood, is Swiggy’s third adventure in the grocery business, with the food delivery decacorn formerly having Instamart and Handpicked in the field. Swiggy had picked up SuprDaily before setting up either of the forenamed businesses. Still, if the client reviews on the Google Play Store are anything to go by, the move has not been well-entered by  druggies. Since the change in mid-February, InsanelyGood’s app has entered hundreds of negative reviews, with customers substantially complaining about the milk delivery subscription and Supr Access being discontinued. As part of the pivot, Insanely Good will sell fruits and vegetables, ignited goods, gravestone-ground batters and chutneys, and mulled atta. According to the app, it’ll also have original snacks made in small batches similar to chips, nippattu, murukku, fusions, and peanuts. In response to the client reviews, InsanelyGood stated, “We’ve launched a new grocery experience that goes beyond delivery just “good” quality groceries.”