Kalyan Krishnamurthy On Walmart Owned Company Of Looking At Multiple Geographies


E-commerce major Flipkart’s Group CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy said the Walmart-Owned company would look at multiple topographies, including India, for its planned IPO. “The table will ultimately be. Regarding terrain, we will look at multiple  topographies, including India. There’s no final decision on any of these aspects at this stage,” Krishnamurthy told global brokerage  establishment Jefferies. The Flipkart IPO has been in the  workshop since the last many times and it was before reported that the company is eyeing a table on Wall Street. 

Flipkart has been working on its IPO for the last many times and the development comes after it was before reported that the ecommerce decacorn was eyeing a table on Wall Street. The development also comes when Flipkart expanded its positive donation  periphery to Walmart’s transnational business in Q4 2022. Still, the ecommerce  mammoth indented up a loss of INR 2,013 Cr and consolidated profit of INR 1,697 Cr in FY22, indeed as Walmart continues to be positive about the ecommerce reality achieving profitability. Last time, Walmart International CEO and president Judith McKenna said there was clear evidence of value at Flipkart and the US-grounded retailer was positive that the ecommerce  mammoth it acquired in 2018 would achieve profitability soon.

At the same time, McKenna had said that Flipkart would go for a public  table ‘when the time is right’. “And when the time is right will depend on a number of factors, not least the request, but also the business performance,” McKenna said, adding, “They’ve hit our deadlines We wouldn’t have invested if we didn’t believe they could come profitable in the longer term, and we continue on track for that.”  At the same time, he added that a company needs end-to-end capabilities to gauge beyond a certain point across orders. “Flipkart’s  gospel has always been to put the client at the centre of opinions, not the contender, and this strategy has worked out veritably well. We made the right tech and force chain investments that have helped ecommerce be a choice for guests,” Krishnamurthy added.