IT Has Given A “Big Thumbs-Up” To The Draft Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill


The administrative standing commission on dispatches and information technology (IT) has given a “big thumbs-up” to the draft Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill, 2022, as it’ll soon be tabled in Parliament, said Union Minister for Dispatches and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw on Thursday. Released in November 2022, the draft is the third  interpretation of the important-awaited data  sequestration law of the country. The Bill, which seeks to apply the abecedarian right to  sequestration of citizens, has the provision of penalties ranging up to Rs 250 crore for data fiduciaries on account of failing to take safeguards to help particular data breaches.

It also requires fiduciaries to take clear and informed concurrence from the stoner before collecting any particular data. In August last time, the government withdrew the former draft named PDP Bill, 2019, from Parliament, after a common administrative commission recommended 81 amendments to a Bill of 99 sections, along with 12 recommendations.  This is the third replication of the Digital Data Protection Bill. While the first draft of morals, introduced in 2019, stayed in limbo for three times, the posterior two duplications were introduced in a matter of months. The new Bill elevated closer to consummation weeks after it was reported that the government would stick to 18 times of age as the threshold to define minors under the proposed laws. The draft bill was released for public discussion in November 2022 and in December, during a discussion on citizens’  sequestration and data security, the Committee also held a primary discussion on the draft bill, he said, adding that members raised a number of issues with the draft.   Administrative procedure authorizes a bill after preface in the House, the Speaker or Chairman may recommend it for examination to the Committee, Chidambaram said on Twitter on Thursday night. The DDPB comes  near on the heels of a slew of reforms,  proffers and proposed regulations in the overarching digital geography. From the  important-awaited Digital India Act to Telecommunications Bill, 2022, multiple new legislations are in the channel to oversee the homegrown digital geography.