Delhi Will Ask E-Commerce Companies About Their Two Wheeler Delivery Partners


Delhi government is set to ask food delivery and ecommerce companies to instruct delivery directors to not use their two- wheelers as bike taxis, as the bike taxi ban row intensifies in the public capital. Ashish Kundra, top clerk and manager of the Delhi Transport Department was cited by ET as saying, “We aren’t catching anyone operating in the food delivery and ecommerce sector. However, they might have been doubling up as bike taxis, which isn’t legal, If there have been any incidents of food delivery workers being given challans”.

The state transport department is likely to send a letter to alle-commerce and food delivery companies by the end of Friday, Kundra added. In a letter to Kundra on Tuesday, Bengaluru- grounded Swiggy’s group vice-president public policy Dinker Vashisht said that the recent directions on two- wheelers “have been misrepresented by the RTO (indigenous transport office) officers, who have started issuing challans to delivery  mates despite the fact that they’ve not been in violation of the direction of the  announcement”. “This has led to dislocation of services and confusion among the delivery  mates, who are now alive of furnishing their services with fear of being penalised and  wearied while on duty,” Vashisht wrote. An  superintendent at a food-delivery platform, who spoke to ET on the condition of  obscurity, conceded double-hatting, or delivery mates working with multiple companies contemporaneously, but said that it was delicate for platforms to insure this didn’t be.

According to the draft aggregator policy, bike-hacks will be legal in the capital if it’s an electric vehicle. A work in progress for over a time, Delhi’s draft aggregator policy might allow bikes taxis if they were electric vehicles (EVs). A draft issued last July included steep electrification pretensions for bike taxis aggregators, asking them to  exhilarate their whole line within two times after the announcement of the policy. The bike-hack ban and Gahlot’s tweets have sparked a strong pushback from the assiduity against electrification with Uber saying that the electrification accreditation would kill the bike-hack assiduity.