IMMUNO LIFE Founded by PUNAM GUPTA is your Health Guardian & Immunity’s Best Friend


“At Immuno Life, we begin a journey to make India healthier, where stronger immunity enriches lives and longevity becomes a shared wealth.” Our founder, PUNAM GUPTA a leading entrepreneur and social worker envision a healthier India with the mantra ‘Fit India & Happy Farmer’.” Let’s dive deeper to know more about Punam Gupta’s venture and her mission. Punam Gupta’s first brand is “30M”, the reason behind this LOGO 30m is to reach minimum 30 million people and serve them. The company launched by Punam Gupta is for the good quality products for the people so that they can go for high immunity. After the success of 30m, she had launched another brand that is “OOLHA”, the reason behind this is to unleash the beauty because their products are paraben, silicon and sulphate free. Punam Gupta thinks that if we are not eating chemicals so why chemicals to be applied on skin. Give nourishment to skin and body internally and externally with OOLHA herbal cosmetic products. Punam Gupta not only focused on human nutrition but also on animal nutrition so she also develops veterinary feed supplements in order to give nutrition to animals as well as humans. Immuno Life Private Limited’s range is of high quality and she wants to serve their products not domestic but internationally so that everyone can take advantage of such good quality herbal cosmetics as well as Ayurvedic products along with Food Supplements.

Punam Gupta, Founder of Immuno Life Private Limited having experience of approximately 25 years as a Food nutritionist and as a top FOSTAC trainer, Punam Gupta was very concerned about the poor health and diet routine of Indian citizens. During the COVID era, the consequences were extreme where respiratory tract, cold, Asthma, and viral infection were very common. The director of IMMUNO LIFE, a well-known humanitarian- Punam Gupta was hearted and deeply touched seeing the health anxiety. However, the idea of IMMUNO was established before and several products were tested earlier but the official launch of the venture was held on 22 May 2020. Punam Gupta was committed towards the reformation, where every citizen of our country will have good immunity and power to fight against the infectious virus and diseases and the upcoming generations in India will prioritize maintaining good health. That’s where the IMMUNO comes in making revolutionary changes with its product launches as several Ayurvedic products, food supplements, beauty products, vet and pet feed supplements and others.

Punam Gupta contributes 2% of her total profits in a NGO named TOGETHER WE CAN FOUNDATION which is an 80 G approved and Niti Ayog registered NGO which focuses on Food Safety, Body/ organ donation, Cyber Security, Employment generation, Cloth donation, etc. She received many awards and recognitions from Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, Cricket Champion, Mr. Rajat Sharma, NDTV News Editor, Suniel Shetty, Sonu Sood, etc. for commendable social works.
She also conducted two Millet Melas in Ambala. Recently, she got awarded by Mr. Bandaru Dattatreya ji, Honorable Governor of India for her contributions in social work. Immuno Life got incubated in NIFTEM and received an amount of approx 5 lac as a reward.

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