ANA KNOWLEDGE ARENA PVT. LTD. Launches Anabacus Division – A New Chapter in Holistic Education.


In a significant stride towards holistic education, ANA KNOWLEDGE ARENA PVT. LTD. introduces Anabacus, a specialized division with a unique approach to learning that goes beyond traditional methods. Behind this venture stands Ananya Dasmahapatra, the founder of ANA KNOWLEDGE ARENA, who brings a rich blend of personal and professional experiences to the forefront.

Ananya Dasmahapatra, the visionary behind Anabacus, is not just a founder but a woman with a diverse background. Daughter of Atin and Jayashree Dasmahapatra, she holds an English Honors degree. Her journey includes accomplishments in classical music, Rabindra Sangeet, Rabindra Nritya, Bharatnatyam, and various other courses, reflecting her commitment to well-rounded education.

Driven by the motivation to empower individuals, especially women, from common backgrounds, Ananya founded ANA KNOWLEDGE ARENA PRIVATE LIMITED. Her focus is clear – to create a platform for success through education. With directors like Shyamapada Sahoo, an executive director Hillol Roy, and a training manager Sushmita Roy, the team is set to revolutionize education.

ANA KNOWLEDGE ARENA PRIVATE LIMITED is not just a company; it’s a commitment to transformative education. The emphasis on creating a friendly rapport with students and fostering an interactive learning environment sets it apart. Anabacus is the latest addition to this educational powerhouse.

Drawing from 15 years of experience in abacus teaching, Anabacus is not just a new venture; it’s a culmination of expertise. This newly established institution brings a fresh perspective to abacus learning. The recreated abacus books incorporate logical and easy learning methods, complemented by mental gym, meditation, and extracurricular activities.

Languages are no barrier at Anabacus, with courses offered in English, Hindi, Bengali, and Oriya. The slogan, “Learn Abacus While Playing,” encapsulates the essence of their approach. The target audience includes unemployed individuals, college students, housewives, and aspiring business starters. What’s more, they offer a ‘0’ investment franchise option, making education and entrepreneurship accessible to all.

Anabacus extends a warm welcome to all who aspire for a unique educational journey. The franchise offer is open for exploration, and the team encourages interested individuals to reach out for details and inquiries. For more information, interested individuals can contact Anabacus on their Facebook and explore their journey on YouTube.

With Anabacus, ANA KNOWLEDGE ARENA PRIVATE LIMITED paves the way for a new era in education. The focus on holistic learning, combined with a commitment to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, sets this initiative apart. As Anabacus takes its first steps, it invites everyone to join in the journey towards a brighter, more inclusive educational landscape.

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