ANSSI Wellness Expands the Spinal Decompression Treatment in India


Reaching out to 25 new locations in India with a one-stop affordable solution to chronic back and neck pain without drugs, needles, or surgery

January is always meant for making resolutions about health and wellness. However, one can make resolutions in medical practice as well. Here’s our resolution for the year 2023.

Having a hand in patients’ overall better quality of life, happiness, and satisfaction is often a rewarding feeling. And ANSSI Wellness believes that’s possible only by offering safe, cost-effective, drug-free, USA-patented non-surgical spinal decompression treatment to address the root cause of chronic neck and back pain. Furthermore, this treatment is free from complications.

Despite the overwhelming statistics on spine-related issues, the cases of chronic pain continue to grow and India is no exception.

Imagine you can do your routine tasks easily and lead a pain-free life! Surgery need not be the only option to enjoy a better quality of life. That’s where non-invasive spinal decompression treatment enters into the picture. There is no need for hospitalization to undergo this procedure.

ANSSI Wellness offers US-patented spinal decompression technology which gently stretches the spine with repeated movements to get rid of negative pressure within the spinal joints. Change in this negative pressure allows the free flow of nutrients into the spinal disc to promote healing. As a result, there will be a physiological change followed by a reduction in pain and associated symptoms.

Having over 3500+ success stories since 2019, ANSSI Wellness is well known for successfully treating patients across the U.S., South Africa, Iran, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Tanzania, and Canada. ANSSI Wellness has several spine clinics across India and is headquartered in Mulund (Mumbai). With a more than 85% success rate, our goal is to provide pain relief at a fraction of the surgery cost.

According to the 2022 DelveInsight Analysis, the nonsurgical spinal decompression market size is estimated to reach USD 4.91 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 4.24%. Catering to the growing requirement for chronic neck and back pain treatment, ANSSI Wellness aims to extend its reach by inaugurating new spinal health facilities in 25 new locations across India in the year 2023.

Mr. Dinesh Dalvi, the founder of ANSSI Wellness said, “There is an increase in the incidence of spinal cord injuries caused by road accidents and a growing elder population who are more prone to develop spinal deformities like spinal stenosis, degenerative disc diseases, herniated disc, slipped disc, etc.” He further added, “We are proud to offer this non-invasive revolutionary technology to those in need so that they can experience more favorable treatment outcomes. Hence, the objective is to open a new spine clinic in practically every city, serve as many patients with chronic neck and back pain as possible in an inexpensive way.”

ANSSI Wellness Center

Located in Mumbai, ANSSI Wellness Center is Asia’s premier US-patented non-invasive spinal decompression center with a strong focus on pain relief, quality care, and better patient satisfaction. For more information, please visit