Wheels on Rails: Unique Railroad Biking Experience in Grand Traverse County

Wheels on Rails

Discover the exhilarating experience of Wheels on Rails, a one-of-a-kind adventure located in Grawn, just south of Traverse City in Grand Traverse County. Created by 22-year-old entrepreneur Macie Hefron, this unique attraction combines the joy of cycling with the nostalgia of railroads, allowing visitors to glide along out-of-service railroad tracks and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. In this article, we’ll delve into the story behind Wheels on Rails and explore the enchanting journey it offers to outdoor enthusiasts.

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A Dream Realized: Macie Hefron, the owner of Wheels on Rails, originally had aspirations of becoming a lawyer. However, her path took a different turn after working for the Michigan Department of Transportation during her college years and developing a passion for cycling. Fueled by her newfound love for biking, Hefron decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her entrepreneurial dream.

The Concept of Wheels on Rails: Wheels on Rails features specially manufactured railroad bikes equipped with unique railroad wheels, allowing riders to effortlessly glide along the tracks. The 3.5-mile round trip takes place on an out-of-service railroad in Grawn, offering a picturesque journey through scenic landscapes.

A Serene Journey: As riders embark on the Wheels on Rails adventure, they are treated to breathtaking views of nature. Beyond Sawyer Road, the route takes them into the woods, surrounded by towering trees and a tranquil spring-fed creek. The experience includes passing under the M 37 bridge, where vibrant graffiti adds a touch of urban art to the journey.

An Exclusive Perspective: One of the most remarkable aspects of rail biking is the opportunity to explore areas rarely seen by the public. Riding on the railroad tracks provides a unique vantage point that differs from the usual highway routes. It allows visitors to uncover hidden gems and appreciate the beauty of Grand Traverse County from a fresh perspective.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur: For Macie Hefron, bringing this one-of-a-kind experience to Michigan has been an incredible journey in itself. Each day, she sets small goals and celebrates every step taken towards her vision. From receiving emails from state and federal authorities to overcoming challenges, Hefron’s determination and persistence have made Wheels on Rails a reality.

Conclusion: Wheels on Rails offers a truly unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts in Grand Traverse County. Macie Hefron’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for cycling have brought this unique attraction to life, allowing visitors to explore the picturesque landscapes of Grawn while gliding along the railroad tracks. Whether you’re seeking adventure, a new perspective, or simply a memorable outing, Wheels on Rails promises an enchanting journey that combines the thrill of biking with the charm of Grand Traverse County.