Vincent Kompany Must Adapt Burnley FC To Avoid Norwich City Situation


Burnley FC’s promotion to the Premier League and their manager Vincent Kompany’s ambitions for next season. The author compares Burnley’s situation to that of Norwich City’s in the 2018/19 season. Norwich, who were promoted to the Premier League with a possession-based playing style, failed to adapt their approach and were eventually relegated. The author argues that Burnley, despite their success in the Championship, should learn from Norwich’s mistakes and be prepared to adapt their style of play in order to survive in the Premier League.

However, it’s worth noting that even with a similar approach, success in football is not just about the tactics but also about the players’ abilities and execution on the pitch. Ultimately, the success of a team is a combination of various factors, including the manager’s tactics, player performance, team dynamics, and even luck. This statement suggests that Kompany recognizes that the team still has some time to improve and prepare for the remainder of the season. It also indicates that he is focused on ensuring that the team is fully prepared and in the best possible shape for the challenges ahead. This may involve further changes to the team’s playing style or tactics, as well as ongoing training and development for the players. Overall, it suggests that Kompany is taking a long-term view of the team’s prospects and is committed to building a sustainable culture of success at Anderlecht.