Uppbeat, a UK Startup, Launches Innovative AI Playlist Generator with ChatGPT

AI playlist generator

Uppbeat, a UK-based audio platform, has collaborated with ChatGPT to introduce a groundbreaking AI playlist generator. This text-to-music feature aims to cater to content creators by providing copyright-free tracks for video soundtracks. Uppbeat claims to be the first platform that allows users to use their own language to discover the songs they need.

Lewis Foster, CEO of Uppbeat, explained the motivation behind this project, stating that generative AI music often faces challenges related to copyright and overall quality. To address this, Uppbeat wanted to utilize AI technology to help creators easily find the perfect copyright-free music for their content. This led to the development of their AI Playlist Generator, which Foster believes will revolutionize the way creators soundtrack their content using AI.

To utilize this tool, users simply need to provide a description of their video, scene, desired music vibe, or the personality they want to convey. The AI system then generates a custom playlist by matching the provided description with tracks from Uppbeat’s extensive catalogue.

Currently available as a freemium version, we decided to give the AI Playlist Generator a try ourselves. Using a prompt about a scene featuring a tech boss using AI to take over the world, the system swiftly produced a mix titled “Tech Takeover Tunes.” Although it may not have included popular chart-toppers, the selection adequately suited the theme of a futuristic, tech-driven narrative where a cyborg Musk orchestrates global domination.

The versatility of the AI system is worth noting, as it can process a wide array of prompts and descriptions, ensuring that content creators can find the right music to enhance their videos.

If you’re interested in experiencing this innovative AI playlist generator firsthand, you can try it out on the Uppbeat website. The platform’s commitment to providing copyright-free tracks and using AI technology to simplify the process of music selection sets it apart in an industry where copyright issues are prevalent.

Uppbeat’s AI Playlist Generator represents a significant step forward in empowering content creators with an intuitive and efficient tool for finding the ideal soundtracks for their videos. By harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, Uppbeat is revolutionizing the way creators approach music selection, offering a seamless and personalized experience. Give it a try and discover how this AI-driven solution can elevate your content creation process.