Upcoming actress Trriesha Baneirjee speaks about her short film Helloo !! which is releasing on Hotstar


-Have you taken any formal acting classes?

Yes I have learnt acting from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares and have attended various professional acting workshops in London, while I was studying my masters there.

-What acting role have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoyed playing the role of a nymphomaniac in my debut webseries Libaas, which will release on Attrangii app and TV channel soon. The role was challenging because nymphomania as a mental disease is not spoken openly about, specially in India. Most people are not even aware of the fact that nymphomania is a mental disorder that can cause distress or that it negatively affects health, job or relationships of the patient.

-What kinds of acting styles do you perform in?

I prefer a blend of method acting as well as being in the moment. It really differs from moment to moment and shot to shot. Areas or plots where I feel I can reach out to and pull from a real life experience, I do. But sometimes coming with a blank slate to the shoot, being aware of the character and following the directors vision helps bring out the raw instincts as an actor and adds to a fresh perspective on the subject.

-How important it is to establish rapport with your partner with whom you are performing to execute a scene successfully?

Having a good rapport with the co actor and a comfortable nurturing bond between the two definitely helps bring the A game for both. It also makes the director’s job easier as the energy between the actors definitely reflects on set and helps create a good or bad environment. So yes I would say having a good rapport with co actors is a definite plus.

-What is more important for an actor: talent or training?

Both. But talent can only take you so far. Acting is like any other muscle group. You have to keep working on the craft if you want to be on top of it. Which is why it is very important for actors to keep auditioning or performing in some capacity.

-How do you respond to negative performance reviews?

I take it as constructive criticism, but at the same time I am aware if the review is coming from a genuine source or if it just a jealous comment to put me down. It is important to notice the difference between the two, otherwise it is easy to get caught in mind games in this competitive industry.

-What, according to you, is the best part of your work?

Getting the chance to be someone new with each role. Discovering a new world with each project.

-Every industry, including the entertainment industry, is full of competition; what do you do to stand out amidst competition?

I feel my competition is with myself. Where I am today compared to where I was 6 months or a year back. If I start looking at my co actors as competitors then it is wasted energy. I would rather focus on myself and my craft and let my work speak for itself.

-The entertainment industry is said to be full of stress and pressure; what do you do to tackle the pressure that comes with your work?

Having strong bond with family members and non industry friends is very important to balance life out and keep your mind at ease. Exercising, maintaining a healthy life style, getting good sleep is also a must to be relatively stress free.

-Tell us about “Hello”? How did that happened.

A common friend introduced me to Farid and when he narrated the script i immediately liked it as it was a strong female character and as a producer something like this was exactly what i was looking for.

-As producer,What do you look for in a script before deciding whether you want to join the project as the producer?

I try and understand if the project is going to have any impact on the audience. If I feel like I can make a difference in someone’s life with a story I go for it. As soon as I heard the narration for Helloo! I felt that this is something close to my heart and our generation can resonate with it.

-A awareness you want to spread.

These are wavering times post covid and all of us are going through an inner struggle, some are vocal about it some aren’t. I feel we should try and be in the moment as much as possible but at the same time not lose focus of our long term goals. Enjoy the present moment but without losing focus of our future.