Unschool, Top Start-Ups of LinkedIn by India

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What is Unschool startup?

Unschool is an ed-tech company that creates an online learning ecosystem for students and professionals.

Unschool is an online learning platform that provides real-world professional education and allows students, young professionals, and literally ‘anyone with the curiosity to learn’ to skill themselves in ways that fit their needs and, more importantly, ongoing industry demands.

The Unschool provides a Free course to help you navigate the UnSchool offerings, understand who we are, and get started on your change-making career!

It is a marketplace for professional education where college students in India can learn from high-quality courses.

In a world where learning only comes from our formative years in school and college, Unschool is the new, easy, and definitive path for keeping up with the 21st century. Unschool is a marketplace for everyone who has the knowledge or a skill to share, to coach inspired individuals wanting to learn. Learning should never cease to be part of life. Experts from around the world create high-quality courses on Unschool for college students to upskill themselves and get internship opportunities in the most reputed firms in the world.

Who are the Founders of Unschool?

Rahul & S. Narayan are the co-founders of Unschool, the hub where coaches put forward their industry-relevant & interactive courses for students. Founded in 2019, it has been listed as the #3 Top start-up in India by LinkedIn.

Rahul Varma is the CEO of the Unschool Startup.

About Unschool Internships

Unschool Misson is to enable people To become the best version of themselves, to up-skill, and, to teach. We work tirelessly towards making the youth more employable and skilled.

Does UnSchool pay for an internship?

Internship Trainee salary in Unschool Learning ranges between ₹ 2.7 Lakhs to ₹ 5.8 Lakhs per year. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Unschool Learning.