Unprecedented Resolution: India and Bangladesh Share SAFF U-19 Women’s Championship Trophy


In an unexpected turn of events, the SAFF U-19 Women’s Championship witnessed a dramatic conclusion that left both India and Bangladesh declared joint winners after a controversial coin toss. The decision, met with vehement opposition from the crowd and the Bangladesh team, eventually led to the unprecedented move of awarding the trophy to both teams.

The climax of the match occurred when the teams remained deadlocked at 1-1 in regulation time, leading to a penalty shootout that astonishingly ended in an 11-11 tie. The ensuing coin toss to determine the winner sparked outrage as India was initially declared the victor, prompting protests from the Bangladesh team and the home crowd.

The dissatisfaction reached a boiling point as the crowd expressed their displeasure by hurling bottles and objects onto the field. Faced with escalating tensions and concerns for the safety of players and officials, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) acted swiftly to escort the Indian players out of the field.

M Satyanarayan, the AIFF Acting Secretary General, shed light on the decision-making process, stating, “India, despite being declared winners after the spin of the coin, decided to accept the officials’ request for sharing the trophy as the situation was simmering, and a section of the home fans was found indulging in creating disturbances.”

The priority of ensuring the security of the players and team officials prompted the AIFF to agree to the organizers’ request, leading to the unprecedented decision to declare both India and Bangladesh as joint winners. The move aims to diffuse the tension that had gripped the stadium, ultimately prioritizing the safety and well-being of all involved.

While the joint declaration may be unconventional, it underscores the commitment of football governing bodies to prioritize the safety and sportsmanship over contentious outcomes. The SAFF U-19 Women’s Championship will be remembered not only for the skill displayed on the field but also for the unique resolution that brought two nations together in a shared moment of victory.