Unlock Your Business Potential with Mentoring During National Mentoring Month


Mentoring is a powerful tool that can help entrepreneurs reach their business goals. According to SCORE, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, entrepreneurs who work with a mentor are five times more likely to start a business – and report higher revenues and increased business growth.

In celebration of National Mentoring Month, two brothers, Dakota and Garret Porter, are shining a light on the success that can be achieved through mentorship. Ten years ago, the Porters were teenagers when they turned to SCORE to develop their idea of adding LED lights to snowboards. With the help of SCORE mentors Tanya Berg and Ed Ketterer, the brothers established a business plan, developed a structure, applied for patents and sought funding.

Recently, their hard work paid off when they appeared on the show Shark Tank and received a $200,000 investment in their patented LED lighting kits for sporting equipment. Their success highlights the importance of having mentors in your corner. “Get a mentor right away,” the Porters advise other entrepreneurs. “Your net worth is your network. We are super fortunate to have business experts in our corner. We are still learning every day, but when we have a challenge, SCORE provides free mentoring, workshops and educational services, giving entrepreneurs access to experienced business professionals who can provide advice and resources. Through SCORE, entrepreneurs can have collaborative, confidential meetings with a mentor, either in-person or remotely via phone, email, video or online chat.

SCORE CEO Bridget Weston stresses the importance of mentoring, saying, “Mentors make a difference. With years of real-world knowledge and experience, SCORE mentors provide entrepreneurs with critical guidance, as well as practical tools and resources, free of charge.”

SCORE has helped more than 11 million entrepreneurs start or grow a business. For more information or to request a free, small business mentor, visit www.score.org/find-mentor.

So, this National Mentoring Month, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the powerful benefits of mentoring to launch their business and reach their goals. With the support of mentors, entrepreneurs can make their dreams a reality.