Unacademy’s Cohesive Now Boards The Generative AI Train


Unacademy’s Cohesive, a startup that was originally a SaaS product for software developers, has pivoted to AI-generated content, according to cofounder Hemesh Singh. Cohesive’s latest product offers text generation for a range of contexts, including ecommerce customer success and marketing content, as well as HR management, legal and compliance needs and grammar correction. Cohesive AI also has a song lyrics generator, and allows users to create content for ad copies across platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon. Unacademy says the product has three key pillars: an AI-powered editor, templates powered by generative AI and an AI-based tool called Inspiration that generates prompts for users. It seems like Cohesive AI, the latest product from Unacademy Group, offers a range of features that cover various use-cases, including a song lyrics generator, which could attract casual organic traffic. In addition, the platform allows users to create content for ad copies across popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Amazon, among others. This feature can be particularly useful for businesses and individuals looking to create effective ad copies for their marketing campaigns.

It’s impressive to see that Cohesive AI has already gained more than 10,000 users within just two weeks of its launch. It seems that Unacademy is targeting various use-cases for its potential customers and plans to serve them through Cohesive AI’s four key verticals – sales, marketing, support, and personal communication. With the AI-powered editor, generative AI templates, and the Inspiration tool, Cohesive AI can provide its users with a range of features to generate various types of content, including ad copies across different platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Amazon. It will be interesting to see how Unacademy plans to monetize this product going forward.