Tragic Accounts Emerge: Christian Doomsday Cult in Kenya Targets Children in Mass Suicide”

Paul Mackenzie, 50, a Kenyan cult leader accused of ordering his followers of the members of the Good News International Church to starve themselves to death in Shakahola forest, appears at Malindi Law Courts, in Malindi, Kenya, May 2, 2023. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

In a shocking and heartbreaking revelation, fresh accounts have emerged regarding a Christian doomsday cult in Kenya, shedding light on the targeting of children as the first victims in a horrific mass suicide. The police investigation into this apparent tragedy has uncovered 201 bodies exhumed from a forest in the southeast region of the country.

According to a former deputy preacher of the cult, Titus Katana, children were instructed to fast in the scorching sun, leading to their untimely deaths. Disturbingly, he described how the children endured five days of isolation in huts without food or water, only to be wrapped in blankets and buried, even if they were still alive. It is believed that the cult’s followers were convinced that starving themselves to death would expedite their journey to heaven.

Official autopsies conducted on some of the bodies discovered at the expansive Shakahola farm near the coastal town of Malindi revealed signs of starvation, suffocation, and beatings, indicating the brutal treatment inflicted upon the victims. This tragic event has left more than 600 cult members missing, including Pastor Paul Mackenzie, the alleged leader of the doomsday cult, who is currently in police custody.

Despite Pastor Mackenzie’s claims that he shut down his church, Good News International Church, four years ago, investigative reports uncovered numerous online sermons that appear to have been recorded after the claimed closure. In these sermons, Mackenzie preached against education, labeling it as satanic, supposedly based on a “revelation from God.” He also discouraged medical attention during childbirth and vaccination of children, further exacerbating the vulnerability of the cult’s members.

The focus of Pastor Mackenzie’s preaching revolved around the fulfillment of biblical prophecies related to Judgement Day. The online content of the church included alarming posts about the impending end of the world, supposed dangers of science, and frequent warnings about a powerful satanic force infiltrating the highest levels of global power.

The emerging details paint a disturbing picture of the cult’s beliefs and practices, exposing the manipulation and exploitation of its followers, particularly the innocent children who were subjected to extreme suffering and death. As investigations continue, it is crucial to address the underlying factors that allowed such a tragedy to occur and to provide support to those affected by this horrific event.