Trade Like a Pro with TREDSCANNER : Unveiling TredStock’s AI-Powered Trading Platform


Intraday trading just got a whole lot smarter with TredScanner, an innovative AI-powered tool developed by Quants TredStock LLP. By decoding the intricacies of institutional investor behavior, TredScanner empowers traders to seize the most promising intraday opportunities. Traditionally, navigating the complexities of institutional movements has been a daunting task, but TredScanner simplifies this with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Recognizing the challenges faced by individual traders, founders Ashish Kumar Dave and Logeshkumar Balakrishnan conceived TredScanner as a game-changer. Their vision was clear: to democratize access to sophisticated analytics, equipping every investor with the tools to thrive in the market.

TredScanner’s AI algorithms serve as a vigilant market observer, tirelessly scanning for the footprints of major institutional investors. With this invaluable insight at your fingertips, making informed intraday trading decisions becomes second nature. Beyond mere stock identification, TredScanner empowers traders to align themselves with the strategies of industry giants.

Here’s a glimpse of how TredScanner transforms your intraday trading journey:

Effortless Big Player Tracking: Say goodbye to endless hours of research. TredScanner automates the process, delivering real-time updates on institutional investor activity throughout the trading day.

Volatility & Fund Momentum Indicator: Capitalize on market trends with precision. TredScanner’s indicator identifies potential entry and exit points, leveraging market volatility and fund flow analysis.

Comprehensive Feature Set: TredScanner offers a robust suite of features to elevate your intraday trading experience:

Hawk-Eye view of Market: Gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends and sector performance.

Curated Index Hot Picks: Receive data-driven insights on promising stocks within specific market indexes.

Institutional Sector-based Trading: Align your intraday trading strategy with institutional investor movements.

Advanced Trading Parameters: Fine-tune your strategy with customizable parameters.

Wicks Theory Integration: Identify potential breakout opportunities with the principles of Wick Theory.

Safe vs Risky Breakout Analysis: Distinguish between strong and weak breakouts for informed entry decisions.

Winner’s Rule Book: Access exclusive strategies from successful traders for intraday trading success.

By harnessing TredScanner’s AI-powered features, traders can:

Save Time: Eliminate manual research and analysis, focusing on informed trading decisions.

Make Data-driven Decisions: Back trades with insights derived from institutional investor activity.

Gain Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of the curve by capitalizing on institutional trends.

Join a thriving community of over 500 traders leveraging TredScanner for smarter intraday trading decisions. With developer Arunprasath’s continuous refinement, TredScanner thrives even in volatile market conditions.

TredScanner is the catalyst for confident, knowledgeable trading experiences. Elevate your intraday strategy today.

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