Top 10 Inspiring People of 2023


Banu Priya Yogeeswaran:

Meet Banu Priya Yogeeswaran, the founder of Myglyindex, De-NaPKC, and BR Medical Research and Software Solutions OPC Private Limited. Upon losing her mother due to renal failure, Banu Priya began her quest to create specially formulated food products suitable for people with renal disease or diabetes. At BRMRSS, Banu along with her team investigated the true composition of protein and how millet consumption fits with metabolic illness and they have developed a formula for developing food products that are safe for diabetics and kidney patients. Her mission is to prevent kidney failures and deaths by providing people with easy and convenient ready-to-cook products.

Ganesh Semwal:

Ganesh isn’t your average yoga instructor. With a deep interest in ancient yogic science and a passion for the art of yoga, he brings a unique perspective to his teaching. Drawing on years of experience and deep study in his subject, Ganesh understands that everyone has a different body type. His approach goes well beyond physical exercise, as he aims to help his students achieve a new level of overall well-being. Through Yoga, he aims to help people discover the transformative power of yoga and achieve physical as well as spiritual well-being.

Shazana Shariff:

Shazana is a force to be reckoned with in the world of farming and fair trade. As a farmers’ spokesperson, she has enabled the livelihoods of around 200 farmers and earned the official title of fair trade influencer in India. She’s also an accomplished author, having penned the book “Little Shazu’s Farm Tales” which blends her own farming journey with fantasy. Today, she continues to fight for the rights of farmers and is a true champion of fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

Anshu Gupta:

Anshu Gupta, an Entrepreneur, a Professional, and an Image Consultant.

With a background in Fashion Design and two decades as an Image Consultant, she brings uniqueness work. She understands that image is about more than just looking good – it’s projecting confidence and authenticity. Anshu has worked with some of the biggest Beauty Pageants and is co-author of a book on famous Sports personalities.

Vani Pradeep:

Vani is a life-transformation author and coach who began her journey by writing a book called ‘Soul Feeder’ in 2017. The book is a guide to transforming one’s life using various tools and techniques. Vani completed the book in just six months and while implementing the techniques herself, experiencing significant personal growth and transformation. This inspired her to become a life-transformation coach, and she now helps others achieve their own personal growth and transformation.


Nidhi is an experienced interior designer with over 15 years of experience in architecture. Nidhi views each project as a different universe – a blank canvas that she brings to life with her creative thinking. She has honed her skills in understanding the emotions and feelings of homeowners when it comes to designing their living spaces. She spent years observing people and their behavior, which helped her create designs tailored to specific needs and preferences. She believes in creating spaces that reflects client’s personality and lifestyle while also incorporating the trends.


Srilakshmi is a passionate provider of high-quality books from around the world carefully curated to enhance a child’s growth and stimulate young minds. Her mission is to foster love of reading in children by offering a diverse selection of exciting and informative books for children of all ages through her venture – Tiny Scribblz. She recognizes reading as a gateway to knowledge, imagination, and creativity, thereby striving to make world-class books accessible to parents from a variety of financial backgrounds. Her goal is to make it easy for parents to provide their children with the tools they need to succeed.


Richa is a professional photographer specalising in newborn photography. With years of experience and passion for capturing the beauty of new life, Richa is dedicated to providing high-quality photographs that will be cherished for lifetime. She understands that newborn photography requires unique skills and techniques, and has honed her craft to create stunning and memorable images of babies in their first weeks of life. In addition to technical expertise, Richa is known for his creativity and artistic vision.

Roshan Sethuraman:

Roshan Sethuraman is a highly skilled musician with nearly two decades of experience in the music industry. He started his career with live performances & contributed to 300 albums, short films & documentaries. The 2017 movie Kanna Pinna is a noteworthy milestone in his career. In 2011, Roshan set up a music institution, & trained over 200 students in piano and music production. Recognizing the growing demand for online learning, Roshan established two online academies – Learn Musiq and Findtuto thereby helping individuals achieve their dreams and passion.