The Best Airlines to Buy Last-Minute Flights According to a New Study

    Best Airlines

    When it comes to purchasing last-minute plane tickets, the anxiety of high prices can be overwhelming. Airlines often increase prices for last-minute bookings, even if the flight has empty seats. However, a new study has identified a few airlines that offer affordable options for those looking for a spontaneous getaway. While these rankings may change, knowing which airlines are best for quick and economical travel is valuable to avoid starting your journey on the wrong foot. Here are the airlines that the study from Upgraded Points identified as the best for buying last-minute flights:

    1. Spirit Airlines: Based on Google data from February 2023, Spirit Airlines emerged as the top choice for last-minute plane tickets. The average one-way ticket cost was $170.09, which is significantly lower than regular prices for similar flights.
    2. Southwest Airlines: Another budget-friendly option, Southwest Airlines, offered an average price of $233.72 for a last-minute one-way ticket. Additionally, Southwest Airlines allows cancellations without fees, which can be helpful when comparing prices and making decisions.
    3. United Airlines: United Airlines, although less budget-friendly compared to the first two, averaged $272.80 for a last-minute one-way ticket. It has a wide network of domestic airports, making it convenient for extended travel.
    4. American Airlines: For an average price of $282.61, American Airlines offers opportunities for last-minute deals. With an extensive global network, American Airlines opens up possibilities for spontaneous travel.
    5. Delta Airlines: Delta Airlines concluded the list with the highest average price for last-minute one-way tickets at $369.12. However, Delta is known for its reliability and punctuality, making it a preferred choice despite the higher cost.

    While these airlines provide affordable options for last-minute travel, it’s important to note that there may be trade-offs such as potential delays or cancellations. Sometimes paying a bit more can lead to a smoother overall experience. However, if you come across a good deal, it’s worth considering. Keep this list in mind the next time you find yourself in need of a last-minute flight to save both time and money and start your journey off on the right foot.