Tata Digital Enters Edtech, Launches Upskilling Platform NeuSkills


Tata Digital has entered the edtech space with the launch of its upskilling platform, NeuSkills. The platform will initially offer two bootcamp-based courses in data analytics and frontend development, with a duration of six months each, and a capstone project required for certification. The courses will require at least 15 hours per week of dedication from learners, and the pricing is INR 1 lakh + GST, though an introductory price of INR 60,000 is also mentioned. NeuSkills will also launch a short-term programme for Google’s app-building software Flutter. Learners who complete the courses with at least 80% attendance and marks will get a chance to be placed at one of Tata Group’s companies or partner companies, with the option to intern for up to three months. The upskilling sector has emerged as a significant sub-sector of edtech, with upskilling startups raising $164.61m in 2022. Tata NeuSkills will be competing with incumbent players such as upGrad, Great Learning, and Scalar in the data analytics and frontend development categories.Tata NeuSkills is entering a segment which is dominated by a handful of incumbents, including the likes of upGrad, Great Learning and Scalar in India, among others, especially in the data analytics and frontend development categories.

Tata NeuSkills will likely face stiff competition from established players in the upskilling space such as upGrad, Great Learning, and Scalar, as you mentioned. However, given the reputation and resources of the Tata Group, Tata NeuSkills may be able to differentiate itself from the competition and offer unique value propositions to its customers. It will be interesting to see how Tata NeuSkills positions itself in the market and what kind of upskilling programs it offers to its customers. With the demand for upskilling and reskilling on the rise, there is certainly room for new entrants to make a mark in this space.