Swiggy Gets Whipped Over Holi ‘Eggs’ Ad, Boycott Calls Made It Down


Food delivery platform Swiggy has pulled down its most recent announcement for Holi following outrage from right-sect diggings on Twitter. The billboard announcement for Swiggy Instamart put up in the Delhi NCR area prompted partyers to not throw eggs at each other in the rationale of Holi. Foodtech company Swiggy faced the wrathfulness of a large number of Hindus, who labelled it as ‘Hinduphobic’ over its Holi announcement.

On Tuesday, Swiggy was among the top Twitter trends with several people using#HinduPhobicSwiggy to denounce the company for a billboard announcement. The billboard announcement shows two eggs with three “options” for their operation. There are green ticks next to “omelette” and “sunny side up” options and a red cross against “kisi ke sarr pe”. The announcement implies that eggs should be used as food and not as props for Holi. People got maddened over the fact that the company is allegedly giving them gyan on Holi. “Did you put up the same billboard during Eid, asking Muslims to refrain from massacring scapegoats or during Christmas  prompting Christians to not cut down trees? Keep your Hinduphobia out of our carnivals and let us celebrate Holi the way we want,” a Twitter stoner wrote. 

ISCKON Vice President Radharaman Das also reflected on the matter saying that Swiggy is an old lawbreaker as it’s also  notorious for transferring non-veg particulars to their staunchly submissive guests who had ordered submissive particulars. Hours after the Boycott Swiggy crusade trended online, Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union( TGPWU) raised enterprises about the safety of its motorists. “We wanted to insure that anyhow of anyone’s opinion about the  announcement no gig worker is harmed.

The statement is only to cover those gig workers who are on the ground and might be impacted by any boycott juggernauts,” said the union’s state chairman Shaik Salahuddin.  His commentary came right after the union put its weight behind Swiggy in a public statement. In a backhanded compliment, the union said that it understood the ‘hate-filled pronouncements’ Swiggy was going through as gig workers were themselves being  discerned against by the foodtech decacorn.   Amidst all the supposed bonhomie with Swiggy, the Telangana gig workers union said that the boycott experience should push Swiggy to understand the plight of platform workers, adding that it was hopeful that Swiggy would incorporate the voice and grievances of workers.