Sweden’s Loreen Wins Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with “Tattoo” in Remarkable Victory


Sweden’s Loreen made history once again by winning the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time with her captivating pop anthem “Tattoo.” This remarkable victory came 11 years after her initial triumph in 2012. Loreen’s electrifying performance outshone the competition, including Finland’s Käärijä, in a nail-biting vote that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

The United Kingdom’s representative, Mae Muller, unfortunately couldn’t replicate the success of Sam Ryder from the previous year and secured the 25th place, just one spot above the bottom. The Princess of Wales made a surprise appearance, showcasing her musical talents by playing the piano alongside last year’s winners, Kalush Orchestra.

Loreen’s achievement as the second person, and the first woman, to win Eurovision twice is nothing short of extraordinary. She expressed overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness upon collecting the trophy, stating that she never imagined such a momentous outcome in her wildest dreams.

Sweden’s victory carries an additional significance as it earns the right to host the next year’s competition, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Abba’s iconic victory with “Waterloo” in 1974. This milestone event promises to be a celebration of Sweden’s rich musical legacy and Eurovision’s enduring influence.

While Loreen soared to the top, Ireland experienced a disappointing fifth consecutive year of elimination at the semi-final stage, which their head of delegation described as “devastating.” Nevertheless, the contest’s top three acts included Sweden’s Loreen with “Tattoo” amassing 583 points, Finland’s Käärijä with “Cha Cha Cha” securing 526 points, and Israel’s Noa Kirel with “Unicorn” earning 362 points.

Despite the United Kingdom’s lower placement on the leaderboard, Mae Muller garnered praise for her dedication and effort throughout the competition. Expressing her appreciation, she congratulated all the participating countries and conveyed her love and gratitude for the unforgettable journey.

This year’s Eurovision showcased a range of memorable performances and diverse musical genres. The contest took on a more political tone than usual, with several acts addressing the ongoing war and conflict. Croatia’s Let 3! referred to Russia’s Vladimir Putin as a “crocodile psychopath,” while the Czech band Vesna sang in Ukrainian to express solidarity. Ukraine’s entry, Tvorchi, delivered a powerful song inspired by the siege of Mariupol, with their hometown being struck by Russian missiles moments before their performance.

Eurovision 2023 displayed a mix of spectacular stage productions and impressive musical performances. Acts from various countries incorporated innovative elements such as dance breaks, gymnastics, and unique blends of musical styles. The contest continued to evolve, with artists from Spain, France, Armenia, Poland, and Israel infusing their performances with creativity, energy, and artistry.

The finale featured a symbolic connection as the competition began and concluded with songs about the process of songwriting. Austrian duo Teya & Salena commenced the show with their quirky pop anthem “Who The Hell Is Edgar,” while Mae Muller closed the event with “I Wrote A Song,” a powerful track detailing her personal journey and triumph over past experiences.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023, hosted by Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine, proved to be a memorable and politically charged event. Loreen’s exceptional victory, along with the upcoming anniversary celebration and Sweden’s role as the host for the next competition, ensures that Eurovision will continue to captivate audiences worldwide, celebrating the diversity and power of music.