SupplyNote Is Fixing Supply-Chain Menace For Indian Restaurants


SupplyNote is a Gurugram-based B2B online marketplace that helps Indian restaurants and other food businesses streamline their supply chain processes. The company was founded in 2019 by Kumar Kushang and Utkarsh Biradar, with the aim of solving the supply chain issues that are faced by small and medium-sized food businesses in India.

SupplyNote’s platform connects food businesses directly with suppliers and distributors, providing them with a wide range of products and services such as fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery items, beverages, disposables, cleaning products, and more. The platform also offers features such as real-time inventory management, order tracking, and transparent pricing, which help businesses manage their procurement efficiently and reduce wastage.

By using SupplyNote’s platform, restaurants and food businesses can reduce their procurement costs, improve their inventory management, and enhance the quality and consistency of their supplies. The company claims to have a network of over 10,000 suppliers across 150 cities in India, and serves over 5,000 businesses, including leading food chains and cloud kitchens.

SupplyNote has raised $5.5 million in funding so far, with investors such as BEENEXT, 100X.VC, and others backing the company. The company plans to use the funds to expand its product offerings, scale its operations, and enter new markets.

SupplyNote is a B2B platform that provides a one-stop solution for all procurement needs of the foodservice industry. The platform has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of Indian restaurants and other foodservice businesses by providing a streamlined procurement process that helps them source ingredients, equipment, packaging, and other supplies from trusted vendors.

SupplyNote’s platform offers a range of features including real-time inventory management, price comparison across multiple vendors, and delivery tracking. Restaurants and other businesses can easily place orders for supplies through the platform and track the status of their orders, ensuring that they receive the supplies they need when they need them.

The platform also helps to address the issue of price transparency in the foodservice industry by providing detailed information on the pricing and quality of supplies offered by different vendors. This helps businesses make informed decisions about their procurement and reduce their costs over time.

SupplyNote has been successful in addressing the supply chain challenges faced by Indian restaurants and has quickly gained popularity among businesses in the industry. The platform has received significant funding from prominent investors and is expanding rapidly, with plans to launch in multiple cities across India.