Succession’s Final Season Doubles Down On Its Core Conceit


The fourth and final season of the TV series Succession and how it sticks to its classic narrative playbook, which can sometimes make it feel like it doesn’t have the guts to make bold choices. The show follows the power struggles of the wealthy and dysfunctional Roy family as they try to take over their father’s media empire.

The article notes that the previous seasons of Succession had a Sisyphean hopelessness to them, with the Roys constantly fighting for power but ultimately ending up back in their original places. However, in the fourth season, the show relies heavily on the familiar dynamics and character relationships that audiences have come to love, which may disappoint those hoping for a fresher take on the show’s themes. The show’s central figure, Logan Roy, is a wealthy, very human man who the other characters worship and crave validation from, despite his often dismissive attitude towards them. The show highlights the futility of trying to defeat someone like Logan, who seems unbeatable no matter how hard his would-be successors try to take him down.