Startup Turno has Raised $3.1 Mn in Funding Led by Stellaris Venture and Avaana


Turno, a marketable electric vehicle (EV) platform for distribution and backing, a $13.8 million (Rs 112 crore) Series A backing as it scales across the country and plans to  make personal battery technology. The backing round wasco-led by global adventure capital  enterprises B Capital and Quona Capital with participation from investors Stellaris Venture mates and Avaana Capital and new investors Alteria Capital and InnoVen Capital. Turno plans to use the backing to make a personal battery tech platform to address issues around end-of-life battery value, amid global  enterprises around EV batteries ande-waste.  “At the moment, 80 % automotive energy consumption is driven by marketable vehicles with internal combustion machines,” said Turno principal administrative officer Hemanth Aluru.

“Yet, there’s a strong desire to transition to a green frugality and so,  marketable EV relinquishment holds a significant pledge. Turno was innovative with the charge to convert these ‘gasoline long hauls’ into ‘electric long hauls’, having a significant positive impact on the terrain”. Turno aims to use its personal technology to repurpose EV batteries into large-scale alternate-life energy storehouse systems. This will help protect their usable life, avoid  jilting of used batteries in tips and thereby in the creation of poisonous-waste. Also, the technology will help lower EV power costs and make them more affordable to the  millions. The incipiency claims to have low- cost backing and a guaranteed steal-  reverse value on used EV batteries. It asserted that it has captured nearly 20% of India’s marketable EV requests. “Our  bid is to make EV technology equitably available to everyone through business model inventions that can continually bring down the costs of power.

We believe this is the only way to make India’s EV charge successful,” said Sudhindra Reddy, co founder and Susurrus of Turno. Turno’s cap table includes Vipul Parekh from BigBasket, Jayant Paleti from Darwinbox, Lizzie Chapman and Priyamvada Sharma from Zestmoney, Dhyanesh Shah from Mosaic Wellness, Matilde Giglio from Indeed, and Rohit Bhat from Airavat Capital, among others.