Startup Pocket Aces has Fired the Employees Across Content, Production and Post-Production Teams


Digital entertainment company Pocket Aces is the rearmost incipient to have conducted layoffs in a bid to come more cost-effective. The establishment has laid off 50 workers or at least 20 percent of its 200 full- time  workers to keep its operating model nimble and flexible. The affected workers are from the company’s content, product and post-production brigades. Post the layoffs, the incipiency presently is left with 150  workers. The company, which counts Sequoia Capital, Nu gambles and North Base Media as its investors, has let go of 50 of its 200 full- time workers with immediate effect.

The affected workers are from the company’s content, product and post-production brigades. Shrivastava told ET that the company will continue to engage some of the affected workers on a freelance basis for web series and film content creation while helping others with outplacements. All the impacted workers would admit fiscal support and health content, the company said in a statement. Pocket Aces, which counts Sequoia Capital, Nu Ventures, North Base Media, DSP Group, and Infosys as its investors, is now rotating towards creator- led short- form content for Instagram. “On long- form content, we’re instituting our operating model to depend much more on freelance  coffers.

Keeping in line with how followership preferences are moving, on short- form content we’re fastening much on a creator- led Instagram-first model. These operating model changes mean that we’ve had to move 20 percent of our  platoon out of full time  places,” the establishment added. Speaking about the company’s new strategy, Shrivastava said Pocket Aces will continue to gauge  its long- form immolations via Dice Media indeed as it’ll go laggardly on creating content for its YouTube channels Nutshell and Gobble. The company is expecting 20% profit growth in 2022- 23, according to Shrivastava. “We’re looking at a  profit of Rs 110 crore in FY23, which is a 20% growth compared to the previous time,” she said.