Startup India Innovation Week begins today know the hidden information!

India Innovation Week
India Innovation Week

Startup India Innovation Week, organized by the Commerce and Industry Ministry’s Department for Promotion of Manufacturing and Internal Trade (DPIIT), begins on January 10, to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation.

The event derives at a time when startups battle the so-called funding winter, which has led to layoffs. Schooling technology firms have been hit particularly solid as the coronavirus-induced growth slows miserably with the return to schools, colleges, and tuition centers.

The Startup India Innovation Week 2023 aims to occupy the ecosystem stakeholders across the nation through January 10-16 periods to hearten the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in India, the department said in a release.

India Innovation Week begins today

It will comprise opportunities such as knowledge-sharing meetings for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and other enablers, linking relevant stakeholders from the ecosystem such as government bureaucrats, incubators, corporates and investors, the announcement said.

Dedicated workshops for womenfolk entrepreneurs, training of incubators, mentorship workshops, stakeholder smoothed tables, conferences, capacity construction workshops, startup pitching sessions would also be organized finished the week.

Key Initiatives

The Department for Promotion of Manufacturing DPII nternal Trade (DPIIT) through the Startup India initiative has performed various projects and undertaken recurring models to push the Indian DPIup Ecosystem.

DPIIT Recognition

Below the Startup India initiative, eligirecognizedies can get recognised as Startups by DPIIT, to admittance a host of tax benefits, easier acquiescence, IPR fast-tracking & more. Learn more about suitability and benefits below.

Regulatory Support

An understanding of the regulatory and policy scenery of the Indian Startup Ecosystem, including ladders taken by Startup India to ease the supervisory burden.


Explore the Subsidy landscape with Startup India and tap into some of the models maximum relevant for your startup to grow.

Startup Ecosystem

Bringing composed the entire Indian and Global Startup community through virtual connects mentorship and vitrine opportunities.

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