“Soch: Pioneering Fusion Wear in India’s Ethnicwear Industry”

Fusion wear in Indian ethnicwear industry

Soch, one of the leading brands in women’s ethnicwear in India, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry by introducing fusion wear—a blend of Indian and Western elements. As the women’s ethnicwear segment undergoes a transformation to stay relevant and trendy, fusion wear has emerged as a new category, attracting discerning women seeking a contemporary twist in their traditional attire.

The growth of the ethnicwear market in India has been driven by factors such as changing lifestyles, rapid urbanization, and increasing fashion awareness. According to a study by Technopak, the Indian ethnicwear industry is currently valued at over Rs. 82,200 crore and is projected to reach Rs. 1,26,210 crore by 2019. With women’s ethnicwear constituting 83% of the market, fusionwear has become a crucial aspect of many top-notch brands like Soch, Biba, and W.

Soch has positioned itself as a brand catering to the modern Indian woman between the ages of 22 and 35. Their collection includes kurtis, bottoms like patiala salwars, palazzos, leggings, skirts, and a wide range of stitched and unstitched sets, sarees, and more. The brand’s strength lies in its ability to respond quickly to market needs, constantly offering exclusive designs that blend ethnic and contemporary styles.

With the growing population of working women in India, there has been an increased demand for ethnic and fusion workwear. Soch recognized this trend and launched a workwear range that combines ethnic flair with contemporary silhouettes, appealing to women who seek comfort and style in their professional attire.

Unlike women’s westernwear brands that follow seasonal calendars, Soch operates on a fast fashion model, introducing new styles to their stores every month. With over 52 catalogues in a year and multiple concept launches, Soch ensures fresh styles are always available to consumers. The brand sources its products from trusted vendors, both domestic and international, and focuses on customization to cater to the diverse preferences of Indian consumers.

Soch has established an expansive retail presence with 120 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) across 43 cities, 72 shop-in-shops, and partnerships with various e-commerce websites. The brand has also embraced in-store technologies to enhance the offline retail experience, implementing display technology solutions and omnichannel retailing to provide better customer satisfaction.

Looking ahead, Soch aims to double its footprint over the next three years while expanding its product offerings. The brand’s focus remains on innovation, introducing new fabrics that offer breathability and easy maintenance, and incorporating functional elements like pockets into their designs. With a detailed brand strategy in place, Soch is poised for continued growth, aiming for a turnover of Rs. 490-500 crore by the end of FY ’20.

As fusion wear gains popularity and consumers increasingly seek convenience, comfort, and style in ethnicwear, Soch’s pioneering efforts in this space position it as a frontrunner in the Indian ethnic fashion industry.