Short-Video App Chingari has Received Equity Funding from Aptos Labs


Aptos Labs is  trying to make its mark in web3 social media with an equity investment in short  videotape app Chingari. Chingari is an on-chain social media app that was  innovated in 2018. It has five million diurnal active druggies and over 200 million videos are watched on the app on a diurnal base, said a company release. Users upload and partake videotape films on the platform  analogous to TikTok. The social media app will now make Aptos its favoured Subcaste 1 blockchain. The chain launched late last time and uses Move, a programming language that builds on top of Rust — the language used on the Solana blockchain. Move was developed by Meta for the Diem design.  Chingari’s cooperation with the Aptos blockchain also aims to grease deals, increase sales and bolster the platform’s security. “Aptos offers several crucial benefits, including increased scalability, security and speed, making it the perfect fit for Chingari’s  requirements,” Chingari said in a statement. The price of Chingari’s native commemorative, GARI, soared roughly 48, to a high of 8 cents, in the twinkles after news of the cooperation broke. The token traded at $0.0783 at press time, according to TradingView data. “Chingari was looking for the speed, safety and scalability of the Aptos network to support their millions of users and to onboard millions more in the future,” said Mo Shaikh,co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, in the release. According to the pot, the relocation to Aptos would enable content directors to control their own work and admit just compensation. According to Crunchbase statistics, it has raised  roughly $ 88 million from investors including Kraken, Republic Crypto, and Galaxy Digital. According to the press  advertisement, “We’ve named the Aptos blockchain as the licit chain for the  forthcoming edition of the Chingari App, which will go live in early Q2 of 2023, after  expansive months of specialized due  industriousness and examination”.