Shishu is Going to Provide the Natural Baby Care Products to Several Cities


Shishu is a baby and kiddies watch brand which focuses on using natural constituents in its baby particular care range. The company presently offers natural baby body  marshland, soap, embrocation, talc free greasepaint, Ph balanced cleaner, and massage oil painting in its baby particular care range.  It’s soon to launch face cream and hair oil painting, completing the  particular care range.

The Bengaluru registered company also plans to incursion into the baby hygiene  order with its cotton- grounded diapers and wipes as its  crucial products. Shishu’s products are available through colourful online platforms  similar as Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, ONDC, 1MGetc. and soon to launch its company websites as well. As for its offline distribution channel, the company follows a direct to distributors business model; wherein it distributes its products along in retail shops in pastoral areas and distributors for better vacuity. The products are used by over 5000  guests and  further than 150 retail outlets sell Shishu’s products. The company has seen a double income month on month growth in the short period since its founding.

Presently the  maturity of its profit comes from the deals of products in retail stores and original apothecaries. Explaining the current position of baby care products in the  request Akshat said, “Our grandmother and great grandmothers used fully natural products on their children, and it worked just fine. There’s a problem of knowledge of products and  constituents used in this assistance. For  illustration there were recent cases where talc greasepaint was seen to  produce health issues. A lot of the  constituents aren’t necessary and can be  detrimental in the long run.