“Shark Tank” Star Kevin O’Leary Makes First Wonder Fund ND Investment


Business news in North Dakota has been exciting recently, and it’s only getting better. Kevin O’Leary, the star of the popular ABC show “Shark Tank” and a host of CNBC’s “The Profit”, has just made his first investment in the state. The Wonder Fund ND, an angel investor network, announced that O’Leary has made his first investment in a business based in the state.

The investment is being made through the Wonder Fund ND, a local angel investor network that was set up to help entrepreneurs in the state get the funding they need to start their own businesses. The fund has already made investments in several North Dakota-based startups, but this is the first time that O’Leary has invested in the state.

The Wonder Fund ND is a perfect fit for O’Leary, who is known for his savvy investments in California. He has a long track record of success in the state, and this is his first venture out of his comfort zone. The investment is a big win for North Dakota, as well as the entrepreneurs who will benefit from the added capital.

The investment is a huge boost of confidence for the North Dakota business community. O’Leary’s stamp of approval is a sign that the state is an attractive destination for business investment. It also shows that North Dakota is a great place to start a business, as investors are beginning to recognize the opportunities in the state.

The Wonder Fund ND has already proven itself to be a successful investment platform in the state, and this new investment from O’Leary is a testament to the fund’s success. This is just the latest in a series of business news stories that show the potential of North Dakota as a great place to invest.

With O’Leary’s investment, the Wonder Fund ND is sure to continue to make waves in the state. The added capital will help entrepreneurs get the resources they need to start their own businesses, and the state will benefit from the increased economic activity. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and a great way to kick off another exciting year of business news in North Dakota.