Scenthound: Revolutionizing Dog Care as a Top New & Emerging Franchise

dog care

Scenthound, ranked at No. 127 on the Top New & Emerging Franchises list, has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to dog care. CEO Tim Vogel transformed the business from a traditional grooming salon into a membership-based wellness studio for dogs, catering to their holistic needs. By focusing on what dogs and their owners truly require, Scenthound has established itself as a leading franchise in the industry.

The journey of Scenthound began in 2005 when Tim Vogel and his wife Jessica started a mobile grooming business, later expanding into retail locations. However, they soon realized that not all dog breeds required haircuts, but all dogs needed comprehensive care. This realization prompted a shift towards a wellness model. In 2015, Scenthound was born, emphasizing the five core areas of dog care: skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth, represented by the acronym “scent.”

The decision to franchise Scenthound stemmed from multiple factors. Firstly, Vogel aimed to extend the company’s impact by helping dog owners proactively care for their pets, enhancing their overall well-being and longevity. Secondly, as an entrepreneur himself, Vogel wanted to assist others in embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey. Thirdly, by creating a unique category in the industry, Scenthound aspired to become the leading brand, and franchising offered a rapid scaling opportunity. Lastly, Scenthound’s value proposition centered around collecting each dog’s health profile, enabling personalized recommendations. With more locations, the franchise could gather more data, enhancing its ability to curate tailored solutions.

Educating pet parents about the necessity of Scenthound’s services played a crucial role in their success. While some customers initially sought their assistance to avoid washing or grooming their dogs themselves, Scenthound took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive assessment called the Scent Check. This report card reviewed the dog’s health, identified areas for improvement, and offered solutions to prevent or solve potential issues. Through this personalized approach, customers transitioned from grooming customers to wellness customers, prioritizing their dog’s overall health.

Similar to wellness franchises for humans, Scenthound adopted a monthly membership model. This structure benefits both customers and business owners. Customers appreciate the routine maintenance and accountability provided, while business owners enjoy stabilized revenue. Regular visits ensure dogs remain in good shape, fostering a positive experience and making them easier to work with.

Scenthound seeks franchisees who are interested in multi-unit operations. With a system to train trimmers internally, the franchise anticipates that after a year of operating one center, expansion becomes necessary to accommodate the growing team. Thus, individuals with experience in the service industry, capable of building high-performing teams, are the ideal candidates.

Looking ahead, Scenthound is poised for remarkable growth. The pet industry is projected to reach $277 billion by 2030, providing favorable market conditions. With plans to open one location per week throughout the year, Scenthound aims to reach 100 locations by year-end. This expansion not only demonstrates their success but also contributes to changing the public’s perception of dog care. Additionally, Scenthound is developing its own private-label product line, furthering its mission to create a comprehensive multi-channel ecosystem that supports dog parents in providing routine care and maintaining their dogs’ wellness at home.

Scenthound’s dedication to understanding and meeting the genuine needs of dogs and their owners has propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Through their unique franchise model and commitment to education, Scenthound continues to revolutionize dog care and empower dog parents to be the best they can be.