Salaar Release Confirmed at PVR INOX Cinemas


In a recent statement issued by PVR INOX, the leading multiplex chain in India, the speculations surrounding the release of the much-anticipated film “Salaar” have been unequivocally addressed. Contrary to some speculative media reports, the statement affirms that Salaar is set to grace the screens of PVR INOX cinemas across pan India on its scheduled release date of December 22, 2023.

The statement emphasizes the inaccuracy of the media reports, underlining Salaar as one of the most awaited films of the year. This clarification aims to put an end to any doubts or concerns regarding the release of the Prabhas-starrer in PVR INOX Cinemas.

PVR INOX, with an extensive network of 1,709 screens across 113 cities in India and Sri Lanka, stands as a major player in the cinema exhibition industry. The multiplex chain’s commitment to showcasing Salaar further solidifies the film’s nationwide release, ensuring audiences in diverse regions can experience the cinematic extravaganza.

About Salaar:

The clarification comes in the wake of earlier reports hinting at a potential clash over screen allotment between Salaar and another highly anticipated release, Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Dunki.” The multiplex chain’s explicit dismissal of these speculations reaffirms their dedication to providing a platform for Salaar’s theatrical unveiling.

As the countdown to December 22, 2023, continues, fans and cinema enthusiasts can now look forward to witnessing the grandeur of Salaar on the big screen at PVR INOX Cinemas. The multiplex’s extensive reach ensures that the film will be accessible to a vast audience, contributing to the much-celebrated tradition of Indian cinema.

In conclusion, PVR INOX’s official statement serves as a beacon of assurance for moviegoers eagerly anticipating Salaar’s release. With this clarification, the focus can rightfully shift back to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the film’s cinematic journey, promising an enthralling experience for audiences across the nation.