Rockstud Capital Launched A Rs 300 Cr To Back Pre-Series A And Series A-Stage Startups


Asset  operation  establishment Rockstud Capital on Monday launched a Rs 300 Cr ($36.4 Mn) alternate fund (Rockstud Capital Investment Fund II) to back pre-Series A and SeriesA-stage startups. The INR 300 Cr($36.4 Mn) fund will back pre-Series A and Series A stage Indian startups. The fund will invest between Rs1 crore and Rs 10 crore in startups in the digitalisation, sustainability,  fiscal addition, consumption, and health sectors. The fund will grease companies in  erecting an original product-request fit, attaining scalability and raising Series A round.

Innovated in 2017 by Agarwal, Rockstud Capital is an indispensable asset  operation establishment that focuses on Indian companies via SEBI-regulated products. Some of its portfolio companies are Everest Fleet, BigHaat, Instoried, Smartvizx, Fabheads, and NOTO. In 2018, it rolled out its first fund (Rockstud Capital Investment Fund – Series I), which invested in Pre-Series A stage startups and NSE-listed equities. The development comes at a time when several institutional investors similar to adventure capital and private equity  enterprises are setting up or closing their  finances to back India’s worried incipiency ecosystem. In February, PeerCapital marked the first check of its INR 300 Cr fund. In January Dallas gambles set up an INR 350 Cr India-concentrated fund for enterprise tech startups.

In the same month, Z3 Partners announced the cheque of an INR 550 Cr fund and 100X. VC committed about $ 4 Mn in 25 startups. Further, it’s material to note that as numerous as 126 VC finances raised over $ 18 Bn to back domestic startups last time. The investment fund aims to help companies make an original product-request fit, achieve scalability and raise a Series A round. The establishment’s author and managing mate, Abhishek Agarwal, said in a media report that the fund will concentrate on relating early-stage growth companies through a defined process and network to foster hookups with authors  erecting scalable businesses with a focus on profitability. Rockstud Capital’s rearmost fund is designed to give backing to promising  launch-ups in crucial sectors, including digitalisation, sustainability,  fiscal addition, consumption and health. The angel fund will help companies in erecting an  original product-request fit, attaining scalability and raising a Series A round.