Rocket Health Helps People In Tier 2, 3 Cities


Rocket Health, founded in 2021 by Abhineet Kumar and Dr Ritika Sinha, is a digital mental healthcare platform that provides therapy sessions, psychiatry sessions, and psychologist-led support groups and peer groups. The platform also offers clinical assessments for diagnosing patients with ADHD, bipolar disorder, OCD, and provides prescriptions and medication support to those in psychiatry sessions. The startup began as a volunteer-run platform during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people facing crisis during the pandemic, and it quickly escalated after helping around 4000 people in 2-3 weeks. It now has over 11,000 paid users and a growth rate of 25%. The platform is focusing on making mental health affordable and accessible for all, with a particular focus on millennials and Gen Z. Rocket Health has boarded around 65 psychologists and healthcare professionals onto the platform, and users are mostly from tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India, with a small percentage of Indian users living abroad and a few non-Indians.

Around 50% of the app users are seen from tier 1 cities and the rest 50 are seen from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Not limiting its services to India, it sees around 98% of its users to be Indians and 2% to be Indians living abroad and a few non-Indians.

It’s interesting to see that Rocket Health’s user base is evenly spread between tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in India, with 50% of users from each category. This shows that there is a significant demand for mental health services across all parts of the country. Additionally, the fact that 98% of its users are Indians suggests that there is a strong need for affordable mental health services in the country. The platform’s international users may be expats or individuals with connections to India seeking mental health support for themselves or their loved ones.