Retractable ramp & Built-in Manual wheelchair ramp for trains


Boarding a train for a wheelchair passenger is a great challenge. (Elderly passengers, Passengers with health issues, Differently abled passengers)

Not all railway stations are differently-abled friendly.
Few railway stations are equipped with a manual ramp which needs to be brought from the storage area to the platform once the passenger request such a service.

Then the manual ramp is lifted with the help of 2,3 assistants and brought to the railway platform and connected to the train coach.

This is time-consuming and not very practical since the train halts for 2 to 5 minutes.


To make travel easy for wheelchair passengers MBP Innovations have come up with a Retractable wheelchair ramp & Manual wheelchair ramp. With the help of the above ramp wheelchair passengers will be able to board and deboard a train without any hassles.

The retractable ramp is easy to use, with a touch of a button the ramp is ready for use.

The second option we have is the Built-in Manual ramp which needs to be pulled out & tilt down.

Let’s make boarding & deboarding a train easy for all passengers.

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