Raw beauty, is now Going to Offer Completely Natural and Organic Skin Care Products


The skincare request in India was worth $2.6 billion and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of  further than 10. While the trend of skincare has been gaining fashionability, the pain point with utmost of the products is that they’re made by transnational companies and may not suit the Indian skin type. To deal with these issues, Sunayana Walia started Raw Beauty Wellness in 2017. originally, she locally vended her manual family fashions of tooth greasepaint, soap, face and body diminutives, and dental care.

Products are  vended on online commerce similar as Amazon, Vanity Wagon, Sublime, Amala Earth, among others, in addition to its own website. The products are available offline at Happy Soul and The Tribe, both of which are located in Goa. Guests are given a choice of free consulting about the choice and  operation of products with the author as part of their stoner experience. Having studied organic skin care from UK- grounded Formula Botanica, Walia is  apprehensive of the  colorful fixes that can be made using  colorful constituents. These consultations are  generally conducted online. As a D2C brand, online channels account for roughly 95% of its deals. With unique guests, the author said that they add around 3000 new druggies to its client base each month.

It presently  concentrates on using influencer marketing in India to push the growth wind, contending with Aminu and Vaunt locally and The Ordinary internationally. The recent launch of mini sizes of half of its roster was a step taken towards this end. Walia anticipates a 5x increase in client base in the coming  financial time. The company intends to grow its presence internationally and add sunscreens to its product line as part of its expansion strategy. Presently bootstrapped, the business is also looking to raise external backing to meet these expansion  pretensions.