Rajya Sabha Chairman Issues Warning to AAP MP Raghav Chadha


Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar issued a stern warning to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Raghav Chadha for his actions during a session addressing the Lok Sabha security breach. The incident unfolded on Friday as opposition MPs pressed for the suspension of scheduled business to discuss the security breach that occurred on December 13.

The opposition’s demand to divert the day’s agenda to address the alleged security lapse faced resistance from the Chairman, who proceeded with the Zero Hour despite the protests. This decision led to a chaotic scene, with opposition MPs raising slogans in protest.

Amidst the turmoil, Raghav Chadha attempted to raise a point of order, making a hand gesture to convey his message. However, Chairman Dhankhar promptly objected, stating, “Mr. Chadha, you don’t have to do like this (hand gesture) to raise a point of order…use your tongue…don’t do it.” The Chairman went on to reprimand Chadha, cautioning against using gestures and emphasizing the importance of vocal communication in the parliamentary proceedings.

Dhankhar’s rebuke extended further, as he remarked, “If you want to say something, use your mouth. Do not gesture with your hands. Now is the time for you to learn many things. It seems you will also start dancing soon. Sit quietly on your seat. You have already been punished by this House.”

About The Warning Issued By Rajya Sabha:

The episode sheds light on the escalating tensions within the parliamentary sessions, with the opposition adamant on addressing the security breach and the Chairman maintaining order by adhering to the scheduled proceedings.

Such incidents underscore the delicate balance required in parliamentary debates, where the exchange of ideas should ideally be conducted through verbal communication. The Chairman’s reprimand serves as a reminder of the decorum expected in these esteemed chambers, urging MPs to express their views through speech rather than gestures.

As the fallout from this incident reverberates, it remains to be seen how parliamentary proceedings will evolve, and whether the call for addressing the security breach will gain the attention it seeks amidst the tumultuous atmosphere.