Rajeev Chandrasekhar : Draft Rules On Online Gaming Ready, To Be Notified Soon


The Indian government is expected to notify draft rules on online gaming soon, according to Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar. The draft rules are ready after extensive consultation and are currently under scrutiny, he said. The rules aim to ensure that online gaming platforms operate in conformity with Indian laws and that users are safeguarded against potential harm. The Indian gaming market was estimated to be worth $2.6bn in FY22, and is predicted to reach $8.6bn by FY27, with the number of gamers in India growing at a CAGR of 12% from 450 million in FY21 to 507 million in FY22.

The proposed draft rules seem to aim at safeguarding users against potential harm while ensuring that online games are offered in conformity with Indian laws. However, the challenge lies in implementing these rules effectively and ensuring compliance by all players in the industry. The government’s stance on not allowing industry bodies to become self-regulatory organizations for the online gaming space indicates a desire for a more independent regulatory mechanism.

This could help prevent dominant players from influencing the regulatory process and ensure a fair and balanced approach. The growth of the Indian gaming market is impressive, and it’s expected to continue at a significant pace. With such growth, the need for effective regulation becomes even more critical to protect users and maintain a healthy industry. It would be interesting to see how the Indian government shapes the regulatory landscape for the online gaming industry in the coming months and years.