Rajasthan’s Rising Star: Bikaner’s Raj Purohit’s Soulful Compositions Win Hearts Across the Country


Bikaner, Rajasthan – Raj Purohit, born on 4th June 1988 in Kolkata, has been making waves in the music industry with his soulful compositions. His songs “Maa,” “Meri Jaan,” and “Aavo Runiche Ra Raja” have won hearts across the country.

Raj Purohit, currently residing in Bikaner, has been signed by Sajal Purohit Production, and his latest song “Maa” produced by Sajal Purohit has already hit over 6 million streams.

“Maa” is an emotional track that highlights the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. The song’s heart-touching lyrics and Raj Purohit’s soulful voice have struck a chord with the listeners, and it has become an instant hit.

Apart from “Maa,” Raj Purohit’s other songs “Meri Jaan” and “Aavo Runiche Ra Raja” have also been well-received by the audience. “Meri Jaan” is a romantic track that celebrates the essence of true love, while “Aavo Runiche Ra Raja” is a devotional song that invokes the blessings of Lord Runiche.

Raj Purohit’s talent and dedication have impressed the music fraternity, and he has emerged as one of the promising voices in the industry. His songs have been praised for their heartfelt lyrics, melodious tunes, and Raj Purohit’s exceptional voice.

In addition to the information provided earlier, Raj Purohit’s songs have also garnered over 1 million streams on Instagram and Facebook’s audio library.
It is worth noting that Sajal Purohit has produced all of Raj Purohit’s songs, providing him with the necessary support to showcase his talent to the world.
Moreover, the music video for the song “Maa” was directed by Tushar Vyas, which added a visual element to the emotional track, making it even more impactful.
Sajal Purohit Production has been instrumental in bringing Raj Purohit’s talent to the forefront, and they have provided him with the right platform to showcase his skills. With their support, Raj Purohit is all set to create more magical compositions that will resonate with the listeners.

Raj Purohit’s journey in the music industry has just begun, and he is all set to make his mark with his exceptional talent. His fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming tracks, and he is sure to mesmerize them with his soulful voice and heart-touching lyrics.