Protests Erupt As The Data Startup Cogito Fires 177 Employees Of Indian


Provides voice analytics to call center companies. According to reports, the company laid off 177 of its employees in India due to what it claimed was a restructuring of its operations.

The employees who were laid off were mostly data analysts, engineers, and software developers who had been working for the company’s Indian subsidiary in Pune. Following their dismissal, many of the employees organized protests outside the company’s offices in Pune, demanding that they be reinstated or given adequate compensation.

The protests were reported to be peaceful, but the employees expressed frustration and disappointment over the sudden and unexpected layoffs. Many of the employees claimed that they were not given any prior notice or explanation for their dismissal and that they were simply handed letters of termination when they arrived at work.

The company has not yet issued a public statement about the layoffs or the protests that have followed. However, the incident has raised concerns about the treatment of employees in the Indian startup ecosystem and the need for companies to be more transparent and responsible in their hiring and firing practices.

Following the layoffs, reports indicate that some of the affected employees have taken to social media to express their frustration and disappointment. Many of them have shared stories about how they had uprooted their lives and moved to Pune specifically to work for Cogito, only to be abruptly let go without any prior warning or explanation.

The incident has also led to broader discussions about the treatment of employees in the Indian startup ecosystem. Some commentators have argued that startups in India often prioritize growth over employee welfare, leading to a high turnover rate and a lack of job security for workers.

There have been calls for greater transparency and accountability in the hiring and firing practices of Indian startups. Some have suggested that companies should be required to provide a certain amount of notice before laying off employees, or that they should be required to provide compensation packages for those who are let go.

The protests at Cogito’s offices in Pune have reportedly been peaceful, with no reports of violence or arrests. However, the incident highlights the growing tensions between workers and startups in India, and the need for greater dialogue and cooperation between the two groups.