Producer and Director Mr. Prashant Singh is back with another music video “Jabse Mile Tum”! Tune in to the beautiful melody and romanticize life.


    We all need an original in the world going on with the help of remixes and repetitive songs. The beautiful melodies in original songs and the warm and cozy vibes are somehow lost now. All we get to hear are either remixes or old songs which are released after changing either the lyrics or the tune. Well, you cannot contradict the fact, because all of it is true. However, we have got many artists who have been creating original melodies, and tunes you can groove on and romanticize a beautiful life. Bringing up a beautiful original song for you, Director and Producer Prashant Singh releases a new music video “Jabse Mile Tum”.

    Mr. Prashant Singh is a very successful director and producer in the entertainment industry. Now, he is back with another amazing music video which is a beautiful love song with an amazing short story of a guy who has a crush on a girl but has never met her in real life. He follows her on Instagram and swoons over her beauty when one day he suddenly meets her when she asks him for a lift. And thus, a beautiful love story finds its beginning. You will get to see the amazing chemistry between Sugat Dhanvijay and Maan Kaur in the music video. Maan Kaur is popular actress for her role as Jennifer Winget’s assistant Piya in the TV series ‘Behadh’ and for featuring in the music video for ‘Laut aao Maa’ for Zee Tv along with Vishal Pandey, ‘Fark nahin padta’ with Ritvik Arora, and ‘Tum Subah’ with Paras Kalawant. She was also the showstopper for International Lab Diamond Jewelry Show.

    Mr. Shubham Singh Rajput is the singer and the man behind the wonderful music and lyrics is Mr. Sugat Dhanvijay. Music Production and mix master for the song is credited to Tracklab Studio. The song is directed by Prashant Singh and produced by Deepika Dwivedi. The shooting for the song was done in Goa. Now you know where the beauty of the song comes from as Prashant Singh directs all of it himself so amazingly and beautifully. The popularity of the songs grows as the music itself is very catchy and beautiful, also the original is being loved by many.

    Prashant Singh is a very talented man. He has done many music videos previously and has also completed short films like ‘Special Day’, a story based on a mother and son’s relationship which is streaming on Disney Hotstar. Apart from short films, his song ‘Aaja Tu’ is available on Zee Music while ‘Humsafar’, ‘Kill Dill’, ‘Aandhi’, ‘Maa’, ‘Love Syappa’, ‘Iss Qadar’ is available on Raag Audio Youtube. Before completing the track ‘Jabse Mile Tum’, Prashant did ‘Teri Kami’ and ‘Sahiba’ with Sugat Dhanvijay. As an amazing and talented persona he is, he is quite renowned in the industry for the beautiful messages he imparts to the public through his music videos.