President Biden Awarded Honorary Degree, Critics Question Claims of Popularity and Analytical Intellect


President Joe Biden was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Howard University during its 155th commencement ceremony. The university’s president, Dr. Wayne Frederick, introduced Biden with accolades, praising his “analytical intellect” and “popularity on both sides of the aisle.” However, these claims were met with criticism from conservatives on Twitter and contradicted by recent polls.

Conservatives took to Twitter to mock the description of Biden, suggesting that it felt like parody. Some questioned whether the statements truly applied to Biden, casting doubt on his bipartisan appeal. The description of Biden’s popularity across party lines was met with skepticism by Republican consultants and GOP communications professionals.

Recent polls also challenge the notion of Biden’s popularity and analytical intellect. An April Gallup poll indicated that Biden’s approval rating had reached an all-time low of 37%. Similarly, an ABC News/Washington Post poll released last Sunday revealed that 63% of American adults do not believe Biden possesses the “mental sharpness” required to effectively serve as president.

The criticism of Biden’s popularity and analytical abilities intensified as dozens of House Republicans, including Rep. Ronny Jackson, called for Biden to undergo a cognitive test or withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

During his address to graduating students at Howard University, Biden emphasized that white supremacy poses the most significant terrorist threat to the homeland. This statement faced backlash on social media, with critics accusing him of trying to divide Americans and stoke racial tensions.

While Biden received an honorary degree and was recognized for his accomplishments, the controversy surrounding his claims of popularity and analytical intellect highlights the polarizing nature of his presidency. Recent polls and public discourse reveal the diverse opinions and divisions within the country regarding Biden’s leadership and abilities.

As the president continues to navigate the challenges of his tenure, public scrutiny and differing viewpoints will continue to shape the narrative surrounding his presidency. The contrasting perspectives on Biden’s popularity and analytical abilities underscore the deep political divisions and ongoing debates within the United States.